Friday, August 15, 2014

Whole30 - Week 2/Halfway Done!

Yesterday, I finished my second week of the Whole30. After today, I will be halfway through!

I got the bustle for my dress fitted yesterday and my dress was definitely looser than it was when it first came in! I'm down about 5lbs and could loose probably another 5 and still fit in the dress well. My digestive system seems to have settled into its paleo functioning which is so much nicer than normal.

Goals Recap

  1. Sleep 8 Hours: I've kind of slacked off on this a bit. It's hard to be in bed by 10:00!! Hopefully when I'm not getting to work at 7:00 this will be a bit easier. 
  2. Exercise: Going good, but still a bit low on the # of workouts (6 in 15 days). I've been doing HIIT with 8 minutes jogging followed by 15 minutes of intervals (20 sec at 7mph/40 sec at 4mph) then followed by 7 minutes of jogging. It takes 30 minute total and I run about 2.25 miles. 
  3. Prep Food: I did awesome prepping food this week! On Sunday, I cooked two seperate chuck roasts. One in a green curry dish and the other was a mexican-ish dish. Those lasted most of the week plus, I defrosted some paleo stuffed peppers to supplement. Next week won't be as good because I'm going to the beach this weekend and won't be able to cook. 
  4. Drink Water: Been doing pretty good with this. Slacked of seriously over the weekend though. This weekend should be better since I'll be hot (hopefully) on the beach. I also didn't drink so well yesterday before trying on my dress. 
Not much else to say. I've kinda settled into a rhythm that will probably get totally disrupted next week. So, we'll see how that goes. 

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