Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet some ABB people

After my nap on Friday, I went for another walk around Baden. This time I went down to the river Limmat and walked along it for a while. It was gorgous! You can definitely tell that socializing is a much more typical part of Swiss life than it is back home. Taking driving out of the equation really makes meeting up with friends a much easier prospect-- no open container laws help too! Baden is situated above the river so after climbing up a lot of stairs, I made it back to the city center. From there, I was actually able to make it back to L's apartment without looking at google maps! 

When L got home, we went out to meet his work team for a drink. We went to Mr. Pickwick's, the speaking watering hole of Baden. His work people were all nice and seem like a great group to work with. I talked a lot with Jonathan who L works most closely with on a day to day based. He's from New Zaeland and seems like a pretty cool guy! We went to his massive apartment in Dietikon. Seriously, it was huge, like bigger than our apartment back home! He fixed steaks, pasta, and cabbage with peppers for supper and it was delicious!! We hung out for a while then headed for the train home. We actually missed the train by about 5 minutes so we walked around for a while. While we were walking, we found the tunnel where then dementors tried to get Harry and Dudley in the Order of the Phoenix movie! When we got home, I crashed hard. It was a great first day in Switzerland!

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