Sunday, June 29, 2014


We had planned to go to Interlaken on Saturday, but the weather was crappy and without my Swiss Pass it's really expensive for me to go much further than Zurich. So that's where we decided to go for the day. First though, we hapeaded to Ikea to get a second pillow. We stopped at the coop (grocery store) for breakfast. L showed me how things work and we got pastrys to eat on the ride to Ikea. It was my first Ikea experience and it was pretty neat! They have EVERYTHING!! 

After we went dropped off the pillow, we headed to Zurich. From Baden there are to InterRegional trains to Zurich so it's only 1-2 stops to get there. When we got there, it was lunch time so we walked down to the river, picked up some pretzel sandwiches and cold beers and picniced by Lake Zurich where the river meets the lake. There was an awesome view of the alps! The swans (tons of them!) really wanted to share our sandwiches!!

After lunch, we walked around old town visiting the three main churches in Zurich. Fraumunster was closed for a wedding but still pretty from the outside.

Grosmunster was amazing! It had some of the coolest stained glass I've ever seen! It was actually made of geodes!! We bought a postcard for Zeke because we though he'd like the rocks in the windows! 

Another wedding had just finished at St. Peter's but we still got to walk in. It was pretty plain on the inside, but the outside boasts the largest clock face in Europe. 

After walking for a while, we bar hopped some then walked down the left side of the lake for a while. From there, we could see the top of another church so we walked back up to the river then down the right side to the church. We stopped at the fountain in the way. 

The church was closed and I'm not sure what church it is, but the outside was really pretty! It would have had a great view of the city if not for the crane! 

From there, we wandered back to old town to find a dinner restaurant. On the way, we found some sheep friends!! 

I don't remember where we had dinner, but it was delicious. It was weird though. We were eating at the edge of the awning but it started raining so we moved to a very large table between two old, possibly homeless guys. One was nice and talked to us. The other was not very nice and his dog was obviously scared of him. :( But, the food was amazing so we didn't worry about it too much. I had spetzle with ham and creamy cheese sauce. L had a lamb bratwurst with home fries. From there, we headed to the train station and back to Baden. Overall, it was a great day! 

Oh! And there are flowers all over Zurich and one of the flowers they use is Lacey Dusty Miller which is one of our wedding flowers!!


  1. Sheep!!! I love sheep! Thanks for posting!!' Then... I saw Landon had a lamb brat... Lol... Ummmmm...

  2. Love the geode window!! What fun exploring a new place!