Saturday, May 23, 2015

Iceland - Day 12

May 23,  2015

Day 12 was another heavy driving day. We needed to get all the way from Hvammstangi to Patreksfjörður on the far side of the West Fjords. We headed up the east side of the peninsula to look around Bjarnarfjarðarháls then headed along across the peninsula to the south coast where we drove all the way to Flókalundur before heading slightly north to Patreksfjörður. The driving was pretty treacherous in places!

When we got to Flókalundur, we found a pull off with a hiking sign within the Vatnsfjörður
Nature Reserve. We needed some time out of the car, so we hiked a good ways along the river and saw several beautiful waterfalls.

We stopped for tea and french fries at Hotel Flókalundur before heading on to Patreksfjörður.

We had dinner at Heimsendi, the World's End Cafe.

After dinner we headed back out to Látrabjarg to see the Bird Cliffs.

Eastern most point in Europe.

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