Sunday, May 17, 2015

Iceland - Day 6

May 17, 2015

Our sixth day in Iceland began with a bit of tragedy. When we stopped to take a picture, our wonderful Nikon D5000 wouldn't turn on. Not only that, but the viewfinder was oddly fuzzy-- a sign of significant water damage. For the rest of the trip, we kept the camera body in a bag of rice and tried turning it on every day or so to no avail. The pictures, from this point on were all take with my iPhone (L's hasn't take pictures since it went swimming in Budapest last year). Luckily, we were able to use free computers and wifi to move the pictures to our iPods to make space on my iPhone for more pictures. We did, however, have to be somewhat selective in what we wanted shots of. 

Because we wanted to get out of the south quicker, our next couple of days turned into serious driving days. We made our way to Höfn where we stopped to eat in the log cabin of Kaffi Hornið. Höfn's claim to fame is their langoustine which is a small, lobster-like crustacean. Landon had it on top of a burger and I had it in a thick tomato soup. Both were delicious. 

Because this was such a heavy driving day, we passed a lot of beautiful sites, most with no names.

Djúpivogur has an interesting art installation by Sigurður Guðmundsson. He created 34 replicas of the eggs of 34 species of birds that nest in the area.

Once we really got into the Austfjörðum (East Fjords), the mountains started to rise directly up from the sea to snow covered tips. They aren't all that high in terms of elevation, but they seem very tall coming directly from sea level.

We eventually made it Reyðarfjörður, our stopping point for the night. Our hotel wasn't actually open for the seasons, so the owners moved us to their nicer location, the Tærgesen Motel. We also ate dinner at their restaurant. I ordered fish soup, which was probably my favorite of the entire trip and L ordered a HUGE pizza that was probably the most amazing pizza we've ever had. It had ham, mushrooms, bacon, pepperoni, pineapple, Camembert, feta, cream cheese, and mozzarella. Then, you spread some really delicious jelly over the top. Sounds crazy but it was delicious!

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