Friday, May 1, 2015

Planning Iceland -- Things to Do

When we decided we wanted to travel to Iceland, we knew we wanted to prioritize outdoor and nature activities. Iceland has amazing scenery and we want to make the most of it. Iceland has many different types of day tours on top general outdoor hiking. Primarily the main tours are visiting a glacier (via hiking, ice climbing, or snowmobiling), whale watching on a boat, various guided hikes both overnight and day-long, caving, snorkeling/diving, 4x4 and SuperJeep tours into the highlands, and riding Icelandic ponies.

I knew I wanted to visit a glacier because, you know, climate change. L really, really wanted to dive, but that is a full day event so he would have survived if we didn't have time. I decide to make time for it because apparently it is awesome. We also decided to try to do a lava cave hike tour because neither of us have done one. We decided against whale watching because you can do that other places and it takes a long time. We also decided against 4x4 tours and pony rides because we can do that whenever we want. We also don't feel like we need a guide for hiking the (supposedly) well marked trails.

First, I figured out when we needed to do each of our three planned tours. Diving/Snorkeling needed to be while we were near Thingvellir NP, a glacier hike should be from Skaftafell, and the caving near Lake Myvatn. We were also limited because many tour companies don't being their season until May 15 or June 1. Once I had a couple choices for each activity, I primarily used trip adviser reviews to choose which company to use.

I also booked our trip on the Ferry Baldur from the Westfjords to Snaefelljokull Peninsula

Our tours are:

Into the Blue Snorkeling / Deep into the Blue Diving with Arctic Adventures
Glacier Explorer with Glacier Guides
Lava Cave Exploration - Lofthellir with Extreme Iceland who contracted out to Saga Travel

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