Tuesday, July 8, 2014


On Monday I headed to the town of Chur in southeast Switzerland. It's pronounced kour (there's no ch sound in German) and kinda rhymes with your. Chur is actually the oldest town in Switzerland and has been inhabited since 12,000 BC! 

Once I got ther, it took me a few minutes to get my bearings because the tourist map isn't situated both to south. Lame. But once I got going I enjoyed the town a lot. First I went to Kirche St. Martin. It wasn't open when I first went by, but then I came back down the hill I got to go in. One of the only churches I've seen with the organ in the front.

Then, I headed to the Catholic Church. It's got its own gate tower! The church is built right into the side of the mountain and it's cernter aisle is actually set at an angle because of the rocks. Chur also has it's own Bishop and his house is pretty cool looking and has been added to several times.

Back of the Bishop's house.

Behind the Catholic Church is a hill that gives a really great view of Chur and the surrounding mountains. 

At that point, I was pretty hungry so I found some lunch and had a picnic in Fontana Park.

After I ate, I wandered around the old town to checkout the sights before hopping on a train home:

Rathaus (city government building)

Cool painted building.

Malteserturm- old gunpowder tower that used to be a corner of the city wall.

Post Office

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  1. What a fun vacation! Madrid looked nice and I love the rooftop view in Chur!