Monday, July 28, 2014

Wien - Day 4

Our last day in Wien was pretty relaxing. We started off pack our bags and having leftover hummus, bread, and olives for breakfast. Then, we headed up towards the city center to have cake and coffee/hot chocolate at Cafe Central. Its one of the most famous and oldest cafes in Wien. Its so famous, in fact, that it plays a central role in a Daniel Silva book where Gabriel Allon goes after a holocaust baddie -- I reread the book during my time in Europe. It was pretty awesome. I had a Altenbergtorte and L had a Topfentorte and a coffee with apricot (?) liqueur.

After our cake, we headed to Hundertwasserhaus which is a crazy apartmnet house designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Its pretty sweet!

From there, we headed to the Prater, a very large city park on the Donau. Its really more of a sports/activites park than a hang out park but it was still cool to see. One of the major features is a permenant carnival with one of the oldest, largest (or, it used to be) ferris wheels in the world.

Then we wandered towards Stephensdom to do a bit of souvenir shopping (which didn't end up happening until later). We had to make a detour though, because the cobblestone road exploded!

We wandered around there for quite a while and saw this monument and this nice view of the Stephensdom.

From there, we headed up to Lichtenthaler Brau for lunch. Their beer was good and their daily menu had a broth soup with a meatball and pork schnitzel with potatoes. After we ate, we grabbed our bags from the hotel, did our real souviner shopping, and headed to the airport.

When we got back to Zurich, we headed from the flughafen to hauptbanhof to get dinner (because everything in Baden was closed). I got my last Swiss sausage and L got another Kebap.

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