Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Madrid - Day 3

Sunday morning we slept in pretty lat, at least for us. We packed up our stuff, checked out, and went in search of breakfast. We found a little bakery not far from the hotel and got the "Madrid traditional" breakfast of a pastry with Bavarian cream, another sweet, surgery pastry, and coffee/tea.

We didn't have big plans for the day so we meandered down through the Jardines de Sabatini to the Basillica de San Franscisco el Grande. We couldn't go inside because they were having a service but there was a Dahalia garden next door so we enjoyed that for a minute. 

Then, we meandered I. The direction of Plaza Mayor but stopped at a bar to have some OJ. All the bars and cafés have these awesome machines to make fresh squeezed orange juice using Valencian oranges. So delicious!! We also got to watch some of the Tour de France while we were there! We also tried some sangria. It wasn't really what we expecting but still tasty. She mixed triple sec, red wine, a lot of dark red fruit juice, orange juice, sugar, and fruit pieces in a glass with ice. I always ought it was something that sat for days before it was ready to drink and had a lot more red wine. 

Then we headed over to the Plaza Mayor which is basically the main historical square in the city. It's pretty but suuuuuper touristy. We did pick up some postcards and a magnet though. 

Then, we stopped at another bar for an early afternoon drink before finding our lunch restaurant. We had done some research and decided to complete Spanish food journey with paella at La Paella de la Riena 39. Such a good choice. We chose the Casa Paella and a pitcher of Sangria and we not disappointed. It came with Giant Red Prawns, Cray fish, mussels, clams, fish, and chicken. The rice was tender and delicious and the sauce was thick and rich. I could eat it everyday. 

After lunch, we walked towards the park stopping again to take pictures of the communications building which Landon loves and the Arch. In the park, we had another beer then headed out to the airport. 

Overall, it was a really fun trip. We weren't expecting how much life in Madrid revolves around the nightlife and it really isn't our scene. But the food was AMAZING and were glad we got to experience some of Spain. 

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