Thursday, July 24, 2014

Uetilberg Hike

Since I'd hit all the cities on my Swiss checklist, for my last real day in Switzerland, I wanted to get outside. I took a train almost to the summit of Uetilberg, the "mountain" next to Zurich. From there, I hiked to the summit and then along the ridge line to Felsenegg where I took a cable car down to Adliswil then another train back to Zurich then to Baden. About halfway through my hike, I stopped and ate a sandwich at a bench with a great view! The hike overall was really nice. I'm not sure if the trail was always just a trail or actually a very lightly travelled road. I never saw any cars though. At times, when it was more trail-like, I could have been hiking in the mountains at home. It was just a lovely hike! Also, between Uetliberg and Felsenegg, there was a to-scale model of the solar system where each meter you walk represented a certain distance in the solar system. I took pictures when I happened to notice the planets!

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