Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wien - Day 3

Our third day in Wien was dedicated to the Schloss Schonbrunn. We headed towards the palace and got breakfast right by the gates. The breakfast place only had one (pretty pissed off) server for the whole restaurant so it took forever. We both got the Wiener Fruhstuck again and were much better at eating the soft-boiled eggs!

Then, we headed into the Palace. The grounds were beautiful! We had done some research and knew that we only wanted to do 22 rooms in the palace and the mazes outside. We walked through the gardens to buy our tickets.

The main palace

The Gloriette

After buying our tickets for the tour later in the day, we headed to the mazes! I was so excited because Harry Potter and a maze! obviously.


The second maze was pretty lame but did have these fun challenges for "kids".

The we walked up the hill to the Gloriette. You can pay to go on top of it, but its so much higher than the rest of the estate, its really not necessary.

Then, we headed in for our tour (no pictures inside!). On the way down, the clouds were looking pretty ominous so we walked pretty quickly through the forest on the right side and saw the small, ruined Gloriette, an aviary, and the fountain on the way down. Right after we got inside the main palace, it started pouring and rain throughout our entire tour, then stopped for our walk to the subway! The tour was really crowed, but really good. They give everyone an audio guide with short information about each room and some history behind the palace. It was a really good way to convey all that information without having people line up at signs in multiple languages. We opted for the shorter tour, but the longer one would have been fine too.

After the tour, we headed back to the hotel, grabbing Kebap on the way! So tasty!

At the hotel, we researched Viennese breweries then headed to a few! The first one, Sebien Stern Brau, had a pepper beer that L just had to have. I'm pretty sure he wanted to cry.

After Sebien Stern, we headed to to the northeast part of town to see the Donau (Danube to you). First we went all the way across but that was too big city so we made our way back across the various canals and the actual river.

Then, we headed through the Statpark to Salm Brau where we had dinner. We started with an appetizer of rye bread covered with green peppers and melted Brie. Then, I had Schinkenfleckerl which is Austrian pasta with ham and cheese in a casserole and L had Kloster - Pfandl which is beef with mushroom sauce and spaetzle. For dessert, we got an Apfelstrudel and it was amazing! From there we headed back to hotel for the night.

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