Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mostly Rigi Klum and Zug

So this morning I decided to go to Luzern. The train took about an hour-- I've decided I love travelling by train! So easy! It was a really pretty day so I decided to actually go up one of the mountains around the city instead of doing just the city. I saw two gorgous churches before realizing I needed to catch a boat if I was going to make it back to Baden at a reasonable time. First was Jesuitenkirche, then Franziskanerkirche. I will do a much more expensive post on Luzern after I got back tomorrow!!

I grabbed some takeaway lunch and got on the boat. The views from the boat were amazing!! 

I took the boat to Vitznau then immediately hopped on a cogwheel train to Rigi Thun. 

On the way up:

It's only 1798m (5899 ft, only 700ft higher than the bridge at Grandfather) but the terrain basically goes from 436m in Luzern with 1000m hills then into the 4000m+ peaks very quickly so it seems so much bigger than Grandfather. Here are some pics from the top: 

Looking towards Luzern and Pilatus:

Looking towards Zurich:

Looking towards Arth-Goldau. Remember these bad boys for later! 

Alps, obviously:

At the top, there is a crazy looking cell/tv/everything tower that you could climb a little bit AND the peak of Rigi is used trignaglate the locations and heights of all the other peaks in Switzerland! Geography rocks!! 

I took a different train down Rigi and after a few minute of questionable mechanics, and the diver switching to the rear controls, we headed down the mountain to Arth-Gouldau. I would definitely reccomend going up Rigi from Vitznau over Arth-Goldau just because the views are better. There was a pretty church in Gouldau and from the train station I had a great view of two of the peaks visible from Rigi. 

I decided to stop in Zug on the way home because I knew I wanted to visit, but didn't think it would require a whole day.  I basically walked around the whole town in an (very fast) hour. If I have time another day, I might stop back in to check out the Brug Zug museum! Here are the highlights:

Lake Zug with Rigi on the left and Pliatus (background) on the right:

Huwiler Tower, probably used to store gunpowder back in the day:

Burg Zug, a Swiss style Castle complete with multiple walls and a running moat!!

When I got back to Baden, the Swiss were playing Argentinia in the World Cup so L and I walked around town with some beers watching on TVs in outdoor bars (and a big screen set up in ine of the squares!) until Swiss unfortunately lost the game! 

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