Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rain and Dinner in Zurich

Once again, Tuesday was incredibly rainy in Switzerland. I saw a newspaper a few days ago with a cover picture of a small child out in the pouring rain in a yellow raincoat and hat. I loosely translated the headline to "The Abolishment of the Seasons." Apparently all this rain is abnormal. The rivers are all bursting at their banks with brown muddy water flowing incredibly fast. It's a huge change from the crystal clear much slower pace from when I got here. 

Needless to say, I skipped traveling for the day. Luckily, I've really just got Bern left and should be able to do that well on Wednesday and Thursday morning. 

So I spent Tuesday doing laundry, grocery shopping, catching up on blogging, and typing our wedding ceremony. For dinner, though, L and I went into Zurich for deliciouly Swiss Fondue. 

We started out with a beer at Andorra. We've been there before but never inside. The ceiling fan is actually a huge old wooden propellor! So cool!

After drinks we went to the Swiss Chuchi Restaurant at Hotel Adler. We got the fondue with 4 aged cheses and it was amazing! L didn't think we would eat it all but it was gone within half an hour!! The waiter then came by and scraped the slightly burned cheese out of the bottom of the pot telling us it's the best part!! And it was!! Soooo good!!! We're going to have to register for a cast iron, enamel coated fondue pot so we can recreate it in the states! I'm so glad we made time to enjoy this Swiss dish! It was SOOO good!! 

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  1. Prob'ly need to bring that fondue pot (and recipe!) back with you....and some Swiss knives too!!