Friday, July 18, 2014

Praha - Day 1

We had four full days in Praha, so we really tried to slow down and not completely wear ourselves out and really take some time to enjoy the city. So, we leisurely got up Friday morning, had an AMAZING continental breakfast at our temporary hotel, and checked in to our original hotel early.

We decided to focus on the Jewish Museum for the day. The Jewish Museum is a collection of 5 Synagogues (one was closed), a cemetery, and a ceremonial hall that have been converted into museums. The only operating Synagogue is the Old-New Synagogue. Photos weren't allowed in any of the buildings, but I got shots of the exteriors and the cemetery.

First, we went in the Spanish Synagogue.

Second, we went to the Old-New Synagogue.

Third, we went to the Ceremonial Hall.

Fourth, we went to the Pinkas Synagogue. This synagogue is covered with the names of all the known Holocaust victims from the Bohemian area. We took a picture inside on our phones because it was so powerful.

Fifth, we went to the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Sixth, we went to the Klausen Synagogue. I didn't get a picture of it though.

Then, we decided to head through the edge of the Hradčany district (Prague Castle) to get to the Letenské Sady Beer Garden. We went over the Karlüv Most (Charles Bridge) for the first of several times. Then we grabbed a slice of pizza before heading to the beer garden.

"Bora Bora"

Pizza Break!


Then, after lots and lots and LOTS of stairs, we finally got to the top of the park. It has an amazing view of the city and they were setting up for a skate competition.

We chilled in the beer garden for a good while. We knew we wanted some down time in Praha, so we brought along materials from our wedding officiant, Kayelily, to start writing our wedding ceremony! We got all the way through the pre-Vows sections on our first day in Praha.

After a while, we headed back to the hotel to drop off stuff before dinner. We saw some interesting things on the way.

For dinner, we did a bit of goggling and found a restaurant called Čestr. It was amazing. I can't even. There aren't words. Drool.

The restaurant has a really cool feel and the butcher room is right off the dining room!

For our first courses, we had Steak Tartare and Steak "Sashimi". Yes, both are mostly raw, yes we ate them, and yes they were DELICIOUS!

Second courses were both roasts. L had a Brisket in an Onion sauce and I had Neck in Paprika sauce with sour cream. Both were served with dumplings made from grated potatoes. Again, Amazing.

For the main course, we both had steaks-- I had a Oyster Blade that was a bit tough but had fabulous flavor with mashed potatoes, and L had the tenderloin which was melt-in-your-mouth tender but slightly less flavorful with french fries. We shared a Chanterelle (mushroom) sauce and a Perigord (truffle) sauce. We both like the Chanterelle sauce but didn't really care for the Perigord sauce.

It was the most amazing dinner we could have had on the night before our engagement-aversery! Seriously, there aren't enough synonyms for amazing. After dinner, we walked back to the hotel and crashed hard.

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