Monday, July 21, 2014

Praha - Day 4

Our last day in Praha was the most relaxed of all. We started out with breakfast at Monolok. I had yogurt with honey and blueberries and "biscuits" that tasted similar to graham crackers with hot chocolate. L had an english breakfast. The beans were really spicy! Like the spiciest thing we've had in Europe-- he was a happy camper!

After breakfast, we wondered in Námesti Miru, a church near breakfast. 

Then, we took the metro back up to Letenské Sady to the beer garden to write our vows. We went to a metro station we hadn't been to before and saw some trams driving through the grass! Cool!

I also finally shot a picture of this massive metronome at the top of the park where the skate competition occurred. They were picking up slowly Monday morning. I hope they did a good job because they made a mess of the park-- they even took the granite stairs apart to use as grind rails and jumps!

Dusty Miller in the Park!!

After we finished our vows-- and thus our ceremony (!!!!!!!!!) we headed to a beer garden in the city that had 31 taps!!!! CRAZY!!! It was delicious!! The first four beers were IPAs!!!! Then a red ale, then something I don't remember, then two dark beers, then a really good Prague Pilsner.

After the beers and some french fries, we headed to Staropramen Brewery Sap in Southwest Praha. When we walked up to the building, it smelled like Wert-- all dough and delicious-- we knew we were in the right place. We tried three of their beers at the brewery bar then headed over to their restaurant for lunch and the last of their beers. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of our lunch and I don't remember what we had! Sad! After that, we hopped back on a plane for Zurich!

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