Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sankt Gallen

This morning I woke up early and worked on the blog before heading to Sankt (like Saint) Gallen. It was a pretty little town with a very nice old town.

This is the Kathedrale. It was really ornate!

This is only one of eleven original city gates that remains and a tower along the old town wall and part of the old town.

This is the Stiftsbibliothek. Its the Abbey Library. It was amazing but they don't allow photographs. So I found one online!!

This is the Stadhaus (city hall).

This is St. Laurenzen-Kirche. It was really beautiful.

This is St. Mangen-Kirche. I didn't go inside. And another church who's name I can't remember.

After walking around for a while, I found some take-away Spetzle!! YUM! St. Gallen is a very good place for take-away!

After lunch I headed back to Baden to get ready for Prague-- or really Praha! Our flight was around 7 something so we decided to hold off on dinner until our layover in Frankfurt where we found some tasty beef sausages. Once we got to Praha, we got some Koruna ($$) and tried to get a bus ticket. As it turns out, you have to use coins to get transportation tickets. Nothing was open to give us change so after asking the nice, but unhelpful police (the ONLY people left in the building), we found an ATM that would give a 200 czk bill which we then used in a coffee vending machine to get coins! Then we grabbed a bus and metro, with a cool 20-year-old Aussie on her third 6+ month long European adventure, to the hotel. I used Hotwire to find our hotels (all less than $65/night-- Praha was $47/night for a 4-Star Hotel!! Apparently, the hotel had overbooked so they sent us to an even nicer hotel right around the corner for the night. They even paid for our cab over there and gave us free beer while we waited! When we finally got checked in at the second hotel, Elephant, we passed out!

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